Rescue & Turnaround

If a business is in trouble,  our main objective is to rescue it as a going concern. We look at all the available Corporate Recovery options and with our range of services and skills can assist in the implementation of most solutions offered.

The work will start with gaining an understanding of the business, its market place and cash and trading forecasts and thereby an assessment of viability in its present state. Some of the issues and solutions to be considered will include:

  • Closure of loss making divisions / product lines
  • Streamlining and reducing costs, perhaps by outsourcing certain activities
  • The introduction of new management and / or new capital
  • The sale of all or part of the business

If the problems cannot be solved by these options, we will look at the range of corporate insolvency or formal restructuring routes available. These might be a Company Voluntary Arrangement or Administration  to protect the business whilst it is re-organised.

A key element of this work is to ensure that the key stake-holders in the business are valued and that the risk of the directors is protected as far as possible.  An early consultation is more likely to be successful as there are more options available – by leaving it too late before seeking professional advice, the choices available will probably be limited to an insolvency option which is not likely to retain any value for the shareholders.

We are conscious that funds are scarce when you most need help, so the initial consultation to discuss the various corporate recovery options is free and without obligation. We cannot stress enough that we do not see our role as merely administrative. With over many years experience in corporate recovery and turning businesses round, we will examine ways of restructuring the business and raising injections of capital where they are sorely needed.

Gibson Hewitt are
Corporate Restructuring Advisory Firm of the year 2016.

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