Re-energise your business

So you have realised that your business is experiencing stress and you have acted early, and contacted Gibson Hewitt to help.

Our main goal as business recovery specialists is to re-energise your business and get it back on the path to stability and growth.

As part of this process we will conduct a full, fundamental review of your business, which will focus on structure, products, employee’s attitudes and effectiveness and management ability.

With this in mind we offer a wide range of business recovery services and advice, including:

  • Debt management
  • Lender and creditor negotiations
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Cash flow management
  • In-depth business review
  • Diagnostic modelling
  • Contingency and insolvency planning
  • Business restructuring
  • Turnaround implementation
  • Optimised exit services
  • Accelerated mergers and acquisitions

We can also assess forecasts identifying the reason for the difference between forecasts and actual costs and whether the quotes provided are in fact realistic and representative of your business.

We can compare quotes sent to your customers to actual costs and profitability – providing you with a clearer understanding of your business.

Alongside this we can help to identify the difference between contribution and profitability and when contribution might be acceptable.

Deciding to take the first step to turnaround is never easy, but we will be with you throughout the process to ensure the right decisions are taken that re-energise you and your business.

Our team will work hard to get a good, timely understanding of your business and its needs, so that we can create effective solutions that will meet the requirements of your company.

We provide easy-to-understand, independent advice to help you clearly identify the issues within your business and as insolvency practitioners we will be able to provide remedies and procedures only available to members of our profession.

To find out how we can re-energise your company contact us today to arrange an initial meeting with a member of our team!

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