Individual Voluntary Arrangement

One easy step to a new future is to talk to Gibson Hewitt about Individual Voluntary Arrangements.  Also known as an IVA.

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement offers individuals the opportunity to take control of their lives again and be debt free.  If you were thinking about going bankrupt STOP and get our FREE debt advice now as bankruptcy is not the only answer.

The pros and cons of bankruptcy or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, will depend on personal circumstances.  There are lots of variables we can help you fully explore to enable you to make the right choices and be free of debt.

We have been helping individuals turn their lives around for more than 20 years. We understand that your finances may be difficult so we do not make any charge for an initial consultation.

Below you will find some useful links about Individual Voluntary Arrangements & Bankruptcy.  But if you just want or need a quick chat about your circumstances do not hesitate to call us we will be happy to help.  Call 01932 336149 and ask to speak to Lynn Gibson.

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