Trustee Negotiation

Negotiating with your Trustee in bankruptcy

Has your Trustee in Bankruptcy convened a meeting of creditors?

Does he anticipate realising your assets and wish to agree the basis of his fees?

If you are a homeowner whether jointly or alone, your Trustee will need to realise your share of the family home. He may have already contacted you to establish whether you or anyone you know is interested in making him an offer.

Gibson Hewitt are a firm of specialist Insolvency Practitioners, (IPs), who often act as Trustee in Bankruptcy. We are therefore all too aware how uneven any negotiations can be if the debtor and his family are not professionally represented.

You may also have questions concerning your bankruptcy but feel unsure whether it is appropriate to ask them to somebody whose primary duty of care is to someone other than you.

In these circumstances, you need someone who can advise you independently. Indeed, a responsible Trustee in Bankruptcy will have already recommended that you seek independent advice.

We can assist on any matters arising in your bankruptcy but typical areas of contention include the following:

  • The avoidance of the sale of your family home
  • The split in ownership of your home – it might not be a simple 50/50
  • The historic contributions towards the property might not have been evenly split
  • There is a divorce or separation

Acting as a Trustee in Bankruptcy has given us a vast experience of the various arguments put forward by the non-bankrupt party. Some of these have merit whilst others are flawed. There is also a continual development of the more contentious areas by way of case law.

If you need assistance dealing with a Trustee in Bankruptcy, please contact us without delay. We have often been engaged to act for either the debtor or their solvent spouse with very successful results. Our first consultation is FREE with no obligation to proceed, following which we will be able to give you an idea of the strengths of your position, how we can best help and what the costs might be.

Please phone 01932 336 149 or 0800 195 5858 and ask for Lynn Gibson to summarise the current situation and arrange your initial FREE meeting.

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