Insolvency Rules 2016: Are you ready?
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On 6 April 2017, a new set of Insolvency Rules came into force signaling a significant change to the previous regime.

Aimed at trying to bring the previous regime up to date, the Insolvency Rules 2016 signify a significant change, which could affect numerous businesses and the professionals that advise them.

When creating the new rules the Government aimed to achieve three things:

  1. consolidate the previous rules and their amendments into a single set of rules;
  2. modernise and simplify the language; and
  3. incorporate changes in the law that are intended to reduce the administrative burden.

In achieving this goal with the new legislation, the Government has also fundamentally altered the way in which insolvency in the UK is now dealt with, affecting lots of things from the process of contacting creditors through to the timeline for completing insolvency procedures.

To help businesses and their professional advisers gain a deeper understanding of the new rules we have prepared an in-depth and informative webinar, which covers the most important points of the new Insolvency Rules 2016.

We have also prepared a number of interesting articles on the subject for you to read:

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If having watched our presentation and read our articles you would like to know more then please contact us.

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