Disaster Recovery Planning

Every business must fear a catastrophic event such as a fire or a terrorist event and many will content themselves that they have insurance cover. Yet – a large proportion of businesses affected in this way still go bust either due to lack of adequate cover or more likely the absence of any plans which can swing into action on day 1.

A properly constructed Disaster Plan is more than having adequate back up; it means having a strategy which can be rolled out and implemented.  It will generally cover such topics as:

  • Who is the Disaster controller
  • How staff are notified and accounted for
  • Company records: recovery from offsite back up stores
  • Alternative premises: a list of agents needs to be to hand or can the business be conducted in a “virtual” sense as staff homes
  • Communications: getting the phone lines switched to working numbers
  • How to handle customer issues
  • Ensure the cash flow keeps moving
  • And so on …..

We can assist you in preparing such a plan which will then need to be updated and reviewed on a regular basis. It is such an important document that the Board should have this as a recurring Agenda item.

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