Have you started a business which is now starting to grow and suffering growing pains?

Business Advisor Business Update
  • Need someone to confer with – owner manager is a lonely place?
  • Help with Business Funding?
  • Help with Business Planning?
  • Business re-organisation or change management?
  • Or perhaps, you now need a part time FD?
  • Are you using technology to its best?
  • Are you getting bogged down in running the business rather than doing what you are good at – eg selling the service / product etc?

Why hire an advisor?

It is rarely the case that two heads are not better than one. Of course, it will be necessary to remunerate the advisor, but his contribution and experience should outweigh his cost. Can you really afford not to investigate the benefits of using an advisor?

Choosing an advisor is, of course, a key issue. You can go for someone “who knows” your field well and can thus reinforce your views – but would this be the best challenge of your views? Alternatively, you can find a more general advisor who has been exposed to a wide variety of situations and is more likely to have experienced the issues you now face and therefore be able to contribute more.

Call Robert Hewitt for an informal chat to see how we can help you.

Call:  01932 336149

Email:  robert@gibsonhewitt.co.uk

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